Industrial & Mining Metal Detectors

Industrial & Mining Metal Detectors

Conveyor tramp metal detectors for industrial & mining solutions.
We stock and support the industry leading Satmagan 135 and Metcorr 117C.

Metcorr 117C

Metcorr 117C is an industrial metal detector for mines, quarries and facilities with conveyor material. Metcorr can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and is immune to vibrations. The rugged coil systems comprises of two electrically and physically identical coil sets, of which one operates as a receiver and the other as a transmitter. These coils are available in a variety of sizes and are moulded in a fibre glass reinforced enclosure with rubber edging. This reliable metal detector is practically maintenance free and offers users extremely accurate readings of magnetic material.

Metor industrial & Mining Metal Detectors

For more information, contact us or download the Metcorr 117C data sheet.

Satmagan 135

Satmagan 135 is used to accurately and quickly measure the magnetite content in iron ore concentrations. At HAB, we carry the full range of spares and consumables, to analyse mixtures of magnetic, as well as non-magnetic components. Satmagan has been used in the mining industry for over 40 years and has a measuring time of roughly 1 minute with an accuracy of 0.4% or less. This cost-effective detector can measure a sample with only one magnetic component or even a component with a dominant concentration of magnetite. Satmagan is built as a rugged structure to endure harsh conditions and requiring minimum maintenance.

Industrial satmagan

For more information, contact us or download the Satmagan 135 info sheet or data sheet.

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